The Forex Doctor Academy is a Educational Platform for Ill-Informed Traders
An educational platform for profitable financial health.
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These lessons will teach ill-informed Forex Traders and new FX Traders a fresh perspective in FX

My FREE FX course gives you practical thinking tools of what FX is and how you can make FX trading profitable for you.

My FREE FX course informs you step by step about the infrastructure of the FX markets and how it runs in a rhythm that you must learn how to merge into.  

My FREE FX course lowers the universal anxieties that all Forex traders will experience in their trading career and catapult them to evolve into Master FX traders.

My FREE FX course will give you the practical tools you will need to go deeper into the concepts, tools, and inner workings of FX trading.
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"The Forex Doctor is an educational platform that helps ill-informed Forex traders and new Forex traders with a remedy for profitable financial health."
The Forex Doctor
The Forex Doctor is an educational platform created by Gideon Brown for ill-informed FX traders and new FX traders with a remedy for profitable financial health.  
  • ​The Forex Doctor has over 10+ years of FX Trading Experience with strips to prove it.
  • ​The Forex Doctor is vested into helping new FX traders and ill-informed FX traders with the education to financially succeed and lower their anxieties in the FX Markets.
  • ​The Forex Doctor offers unique products and services to help you to evolve into a healthy, profitable, and well rounded FX trader for the FX Markets.
Giving You The Remedy For Financial Health
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Just finished the free one hour course with the Forex Doctor and it was amazingly easy to follow and understand. Forex explained so simply that anyone can follow and gain knowledge of what is Forex. 
Thanks FX DR🙌🏾
Deborah A. Hunter
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